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Strategic/Educational Communications and Media Expertise

Cadence communications, public affairs, and outreach professionals are skilled in stakeholder segmentation, message development, media management, and materials development. Our messaging capabilities are broad and include designing, developing, and executing full spectrum graphics and multimedia to tell a compelling narrative.

We have developed award-winning training, materials, and communication products for the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, military health entities and policy offices, and are recognized as best-in-class by professional industry associations. Our team looks at the big picture – the broader mission – when developing strategic and learning solutions for our clients. We operate as a cohesive team with a joint approach, streamlined processes, and nested plans that build upon one another. The combination of these professional talents allows us to provide our clients with a strategic and learning environment that expands mindsets, builds new mental models, and grows community alignment. We develop training and communication materials that promote empowerment, understanding, and adoption. Cadence’s aim is to provide and support training that is specific and relevant for adult-learner audiences, so they can apply what they have learned in a meaningful and measurable way. 

Our staff regularly develops strategic communications products from information and best practices papers, executive summaries, PowerPoint briefings, responses to Congressional and Media inquiries, resource packets, historical reports, authored articles, social media, web, and blog content, newsletters, “how-to” and procedures guides, checklists, and other documents – in print and digital form. We develop data products, interpretation, analysis, and visualization such as infographics, charts, checklists, and diagrams to make the most effective and convincing use cases. 

Should there be a need, the Cadence team can prepare and assemble media toolkits suited to specific marketing or educational communications campaigns. An effective marketing toolkit may include a fact sheet, digital flyer with event registration signage, and an email template to promote a client’s participation in a conference or event. Another industry tool, a media press kit, may include biographies of program leaders, a press release on a specific topic, logos, and program background. All materials within the toolkits are version-controlled for quality standardization. 

Our process includes establishing meaningful metrics (e.g., number of followers, email subscribers; increase/decrease in impressions, views, and people reached) aligned to goals and objectives. Using metrics to measure progress and impact enables us to conduct continuous oversight of communication and engagement activities and identify points in the process that could be improved. 

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