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Conference and Meeting Logistics / Facilitation

We engage our time-tested meeting and governance support approach for a broad range of meetings, events, and conferences for multiple client agencies. Our logistics professionals assist with meeting planning, logistics, space, and equipment set-up, and our facilitation experts lead group discussions, panels, and symposia.

In addition, Cadence conference and meeting logistics professionals define, maintain, and administer a logistics program consisting of policies, procedures, and controls that conform to Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) and other applicable Federal laws, regulations, and agency policies and practices. Our professionals can support for stakeholder workshops and meetings in relation to event planning. Cadence professionals supervise our logistics analysts. This could include planning and allocating logistics analyst support requirements for peer review meetings and other events. We ensure that logistics services are allocated economically, equitably, and efficiently to contractually supported tasks.

These team members will perform the following duties, among others:

  • Maintain a catalog of procedures and processes for event team members 

  • Review and revise procedures as necessary to comply with requirements of the engagement 

  • Develop process improvements based on emerging trends to enhance meeting support

  • Maintain comprehensive meeting calendar for virtual (online) and live (in-person) components of meetings

  • Oversee the efficient usage of databases and systems used to standardize, streamline, and improve the operations of the Logistics Team


Cadence conference and meeting logistics and facilitation professionals have performed risk mitigation for almost every outlier possibility within an event setting and have proven to be fully prepared in all instances. 



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