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Reports and Records Management

Now more than ever, the seamless alignment of program management strategy with business objectives is imperative for business case benefits to be realized. Achieving business value of an information technology investment includes not only a technical component, but also a change management component for the people, processes, and technology. Cadence Partners full lifecycle approach for reports and records management helps organizations change to maximize their resources. We engage at the right business and program level with holistic analyses of organizational alignment to information technology; assessments of technology, operations, governance, and processes; and creating end-state definitions, and strategic roadmaps. Our unique combination of in-depth business domain and technical expertise as well as a proven track record of service delivery has earned us many trusted long-term relationships and accolades from both our clients and industry partners.


Cadence reports and records management professionals protect institutional information resources throughout their life cycle and comply with related laws and regulations, identify vital records, and implement strategies for preserving records of long-term value. The result is improved flow of information in the organization, established records management, and institutional information resource policy and planning. Cadence provides for adequate data collection and information access and retrieval including institutional positions on privacy and confidentiality.


Effective reports and records management often requires collaboration with stakeholders at other agencies or internal departments. Cadence reports and records managers are adept at determining and managing input/feedback processes to ensure coordination requirements are met.  


Whatever your reports and records management needs, Cadence consultants will support and safeguard these critical papers with thorough and comprehensive document-keeping.

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