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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Cadence has extensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) expertise. Cadence’s premise is that an organization requires a diverse workforce, a sound foundation, discipline, and innovation to achieve success. We embrace individualism, but also understand the need for conformity in the completion of our tasks—it is imperative that every member of the organization knows and comprehends the who, what, when, where, and why of their objectives. Cadence delivers solutions to DEI challenges, regardless of however complex or unique they may be. We possess a rich roster of program managers, DEI subject matter experts, policy and case lawyers, training facilitators, and organizational assessment experts who possess a strong and current understanding of U.S. case law, practices, policies, and industry-current methodologies that empower organizations to not simply be compliant but embrace it as a necessary and beneficial step towards greater equity and inclusion. Our team includes qualified individuals with significant experience in building diversity and inclusion programs at the state and federal government levels.

For one of the largest diversity offices in the federal government, Cadence strategic communications experts regularly prepared the office director for media interviews. Our SMEs maintained relationships with reporters and conducted educational preparatory discussions prior to scheduling access with officer leadership; pitched and authored articles; and prepared media kit materials. Materials prepared for such engagements included research on the outlets, reporters, and relevant issues as backgrounder documents; crisis communications responses; talking points and PowerPoint briefing presentations; graphic signage; and expected reporter questions and effective answers. Cadence also coordinated these documents with the agency’s public affairs leadership for approval, and arranged and conducted ‘murder board’ reviews of prepared information.


Cadence data and communications team prepared annual infographics made available to Congress, the media, and the public, providing insight and measures of the agency’s populations.   

These infographics provided insight into employment of women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, American Indians/Alaska Natives, as well as the disabled American employee population within the agency. 

Cadence planned, designed, and coordinated the modernization overhaul of a client’s social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, and the public-facing website. We provided content, knowledge management, and design recommendations. In the first 30-days of its contract, Cadence increased user traffic for Facebook and Twitter. As a result of Cadence’s strategic communications efforts, the diversity office’s organic click-through web traffic increased by 1300% and social media platform engagement, by 800%.  

Institute of Diversity Certification. Cadence Federal partners with the Institute of Diversity Certification to provide industry leading education and training. Cadence leadership has received the “Diversity Executive” credential and is committed and accountable to the highest possible standards of personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgment, and discretion. Cadence works in tandem with the Institute to ensure latest strategies, methods, and educational theorems drive Cadence diversity program management. 

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